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Newsies - Utah Festival Opera


“Two newsies really stood out for their triple threat skills: Race played by Cory Betts and Albert played by Sam Lariviere. Both demonstrated a deeper embodiment of their characters that also showed up in their excellent dancing. Their acting was more than believable; the two actors pulled me into their perspectives over their characters’ plights.”

Marcee Ludlow - Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

"I was also especially impressed with the dancing, singing, and acting of Cory Betts (Race), a Sacramento native, who is making his Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre debut this season." 

Debbie Ditton - Front Row Reviewers

Carmina Burana - Eugene Ballet


"Betts channeled Amy-Cordero in “O Fortuna” from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. Betts’ physical prowess is extraordinary. This solo evoked dark passion. Starting on his knees, facing the singing choir, he contracted and contorted his body as a man possessed, yet also reached for the heavens or supplicated in his wretchedness. Heart-rending."

Gwen Curan - Register Guard

A Midsummer Nights Dream - Eugene Ballet


"But MVP goes to Cory Betts as Puck, that rascally sprite who’s supposed to do King Oberon’s fairy bidding, but bungles it all in delightfully sitcom-like fashion. Betts is a shoo-in for the role. Magnetic and athletic, he maneuvers about Peter Dean Beck’s insanely great set with impish charm."

Rachel Cairnes - Eugene weekly

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